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SADAF  Contacts

Head Office:
ARIO Building, Derakhshan St . Corner, North Falamak Ave., Phase 4, Shahrak-e-Gharb, Tehran, IRAN


Public Relations         88375510-2
Business Development     88375490-1
Commercial          88375523-7
Management          88375519-21

Fax:(+9821)          88375037

General:          info@sadaf-mit.com

Enamel/Concrete Coating Plant:
Bushehr Special Economical Zone, Fifth Km on Bushehr- Borazjan Rd., Bushehr-Iran

Tel: (+98771)         4548890
Fax: (+98771)          4546764

PU/Epoxy Coating Plant:
SADAF Island, Bushehr Special Economical 
Zone, Bushehr- Iran
Tel: (+98771)                          5550354
Fax:(+98771)                          5550354


Darya Fan Qeshm Industries Co. (SADAF):

SADAF Co. as one of the pioneers in Oil & Gas and infrastructure industries, benefiting from the modern technical knowledge and high quality to provide Engineering Procurement, construction, engineering  services for performing its projects, considers all of international standards obligations (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001) to reach its goals.
SADAF Co. provides a complete range of surface & Subsea works in offshore oil & gas industry in Middle East, Safely, Reliably and Profitably. We therefore have an 

obligation to our Clients to help them reach their volume targets which is possible for us through consistent leadership from the management team, a satisfied customer base and the committed support of our employees, vendors and sub-contractors, leading us to a sustainable business with steady and improving results to our stakeholders.
Following the IMS policy, SADAF Co. has always been ready to meet the contractor's expectations within specified time schedule professionally, with high quality and responsibility and competent management in deferent levels of its Organization to promote the service level, Health consciousness, Safety standards & Environmental protection.This company has stepped up towards improvement of its Manpower and creating a sense of commitment among its Staff, suppliers and beneficiaries which necessitates obtaining proper information, taking preventive measures to decrease any incident and optimizing the use of environmental sources.
SADAF Co. has proved its capabilities continuously in performing huge Oil and Gas projects by employing professional experts, modern technology and considering the current situation in oil & Gas industry.


Installation of South Pars Layer Topside

Load out, transportation and installation of SPOL topside has been done successfully by SADAF Company in May 2015.
SADAF-3000 crane barge and LB90 launch barge were due to load out, transportation and installation of the 890-ton topside in oil layer of South Pars gas filed in Persian Gulf.
This platform as one of the important part of the oil layer of South Pars gas filed development, will be used to extract 358,000 barrels of oil per day.

SADAF Company has already installed the jacket of oil layer of South Pars gas filed in May 2009.




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